Discover a place where culture, culinary delights, and art lie at the center of its soul with its heart beating to the rhythm of tradition. Following a total renovation of a traditional two-storey house in the Old Town of Rethymno, OCRE came to be.

This boutique maisonette was designed and curated entirely by the owner and interior designer Natasa Kaloteraki. Staying true to its name, the concept of OCRE was based on the owner’s love for all forms of art and especially the "art of living".
The property weaves modern functionality and traditional architecture with thoughtful design choices for inspiring moments of rest and relaxation. It is dotted with several artistic elements, handmade metal railings, weaving, paintings, as well as a beautiful sculpture, while each space is framed by natural materials, organic forms, soothing colour palette and a balanced meeting of elements of the nostalgic past and the contemporary present.

Few things are as precious as a moment of peace. With a relaxing ambience inside and out, OCRE is a welcoming haven, designed for deep rest. Slip into an undisturbed sleep and awaken into the serenity and promise of a new day.⁠ The artistic interiors of the rooms further add to their authentic design, breaking down the traditional barriers between inside and out, thus creating a light-filled space to unwind and disconnect.
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